Tips to Prevent Falls in Seniors

There is a growing number of seniors admitted to the ER due to falls. Because of their weak limbs, lack of balance and coordination, and poor eyesight, they find it hard to stay still.

As the leading provider of physical therapy in Monmouth County, we will give you tips to prevent your senior loved ones from falling at home.

Install safety devices inside the bathroom. The bathroom is where most falls happen because it is always wet and slippery. So, add pole grips and toilet safety grips for support. It is also better to let them sit while bathing, so handheld showerheads and shower chairs are recommended.

Keep the house clean and organized. The things they use every day should be easily accessible, so they don’t have to bend too low or reach too high. Any clutter on the floor, such as spills, wires, and peels, are fall hazards, so you have to keep it clean.

Consider physical therapy services. Physical therapy is not only for people with injuries and athletes but can also be for seniors and people who are prone to falls. Physical therapy will help seniors improve their strength, balance, coordination, and mobility.

Mobility & Motion LLC offers Medicare-approved physical therapy to ensure quality care for our patients. Our care plans are customized according to each of our patient’s special needs. We also provide one-on-one service in the comforts of their home. Trust that you are in good hands.

For home care physical therapy in Freehold, New Jersey, please feel free to get in touch with us. We will not let you down.

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