Signs Your Elderly Might Need Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy Services can provide aging adults and seniors with numerous benefits. It will help reduce the risk of falls at home, reduce the risk of chronic illness, encourage regular exercise, reduce the risk of age-related issues, and much more.

Mobility & Motion LLC provides home care physical Therapy in Freehold, New Jersey, and here are some signs that your elderly loved ones might need some physical therapy:

  • They Are Struggling With Balance and Mobility

    Age-related issues and limited mobility can increase the risk of injury from falls at home. Physical therapy can help senior citizens improve their balance and mobility to help keep them safe at home and improve fall prevention. We offer physical therapy in Monmouth County in the comfort of your own homes.

  • They Are Experiencing Chronic Pain

    Physical therapy is also effective in helping address chronic pain by helping seniors keep up with their daily living activities, improve their posture, and through exercises that enhance and restore senses in the area experiencing pain.

  • They Need Assistance With Exercise

    Inactivity can increase the risk of a host of age-related issues and chronic conditions. Services like our in-home physical therapy in Monmouth County can help seniors remain active with exercise to promote strength, functionality, and health.

  • They Are Recovering from Surgery or Injury

    Physical therapy services can help seniors recovering from injury or surgery, speeding up the healing process and improving comfort at home.

These are just a few signs your elderly loved ones might need physical therapy. For more information, we offer Medicare approved physical therapy services. Call us at 908-907-7032.

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