Gait Training Is Essential in Physical Therapy


For the majority of people, walking happens without any conscious effort on their part. However, for some people, walking can be very challenging because of natural aging, specific disease, aging, or an injury that causes an impaired gait.

An impaired gait makes it challenging to keep one foot in front of the other and move since it tends to throw the body off balance. Consequently, it becomes more challenging to go from one location to another without frequently tripping, stumbling, or experiencing lightheadedness.

That’s why people seek hands on therapy in New Jersey, such as physical therapy, to fix their gait and other functions needed to move their bodies properly.

As a Medicare approved physical therapy provider, we will introduce you to gait training and how it can help improve one’s ability to walk.

Gait training in physical therapy services helps a person improve posture and balance, regain muscle memory, strengthen joints and muscles, and retrain the legs for repetitive action.

Moreover, even if an assistive device is still being used, this therapy is typically suggested after an illness or injury to aid in regaining one’s walking independently.

If you think your loved ones need gait training or home care physical therapy in Freehold, New Jersey, you can rely on our services and care at Mobility & Motion LLC!

Our agency currently accepts Medicare and Optum Health plans and plans to add additional insurance options soon. Learn more about our physical therapy in Monmouth County by reaching our team at (908) 907-7032.

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