Surprising Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors


Aging bodies can experience loss of strength, functionality, mobility, and balance, which makes performing daily living activities more difficult and sometimes dangerous. We provide physical therapy in Monmouth County to help seniors regain their functionality, improve independence, and become healthier.

Some benefits of Physical Therapy Services

  • Lessening dependence on prescription medication

    Many seniors use medication to treat chronic pain and other age-related issues. Physical therapy can help their bodies become stronger, which can help address chronic pain. With stronger and more functional bodies, Senior citizens can reduce their dependence on pain killers and other prescription medication.

  • It can help seniors regain proper posture

    Poor posture can increase the risk of falls, injury, and mobility constraints. Home Health Physical Therapy can introduce exercises, movements, and activities to help seniors improve their posture, straighten a hunched back, and address back pain.

  • It helps seniors remain independent longer

    Age is a risk factor for many age-related issues and chronic conditions. Physical therapy helps seniors keep their body and immunity healthy and strong, reducing the risk of issues like hypertension, mobility constraints, and much more.

For more information about the benefits of physical therapy for seniors, you can call Mobility & Motion LLC at (908) 907-7032 for reliable home care Physical Therapy in Freehold, New Jersey.

We also provide Medicare Approved Physical Therapy.

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