How Physical Therapy Can Help Stroke Patients


A person affected by a stroke has a certain part of their brain that is disrupted. A stroke can cause damaged connections between the brain and body leading to loss of physical functions. It can make a negative impact on different parts of the brain and cause issues like muscle weakness, paralysis on one or both sides of the body, mobility issues, speech impairment, and more.

The problems that come after a stroke might complicate the life of the affected person. Fortunately, some ways might help deal with and treat these issues. One of the best ways to support recovery after a stroke is physical therapy in Monmouth County.

Physical therapy has come a long way in helping stroke patients and other individuals with lost physical functions achieve a much better and improved quality of life. A therapist who can provide Medicare approved physical therapy can help stroke patients:

  • Stimulate the muscles and damaged nerves.
  • Regain lost physical functions.
  • Learn alternative ways to move due to lasting adverse side effects.
  • Rebuild balance, mobility, and physical strength.
  • Recover more quickly and effectively.

Mobility & Motion LLC is a high-quality provider of home care physical therapy in Freehold, New Jersey. We aim to help your loved ones recover fast and achieve a better quality of life.

We offer hands on therapy in New Jersey so that we may be able to help your loved ones live comfortable lives in their homes.

If you are interested in undergoing in-home physical therapy in Monmouth County, feel free to contact us today at (908) 907-7032.

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