How Physical Therapy Helps a Person with Dementia

how-physical-therapy-helps-a-person-with-dementiaDementia is a frightening, overpowering, and lonely diagnosis. While there is no known cure for dementia, patients and loved ones can take steps to avoid cognitive impairment.

Movement is memory-free medicine. Your patients do not have to remember to exercise to benefit from it! While physical therapy in Monmouth County cannot cure or remove dementia symptoms, there is plenty that our physical therapy services can do to assist slow symptoms and enhance our patients’ quality of life.

A physically active lifestyle can have a big impact on the well-being of persons living with dementia. Home care physical therapy in Freehold, New Jersey is essential in the early-to-mid stages of dementia to promote functional independence in daily activities.

During these times, physical therapy may concentrate on specific physical activities that are fun and meaningful to the individual to lower their fall risk while also promoting a sense of purpose, such as playing sports games, gardening, or performing domestic responsibilities. When dementia progresses into the later stages, hands on therapy in New Jersey becomes even more vital to maintain the person’s current abilities while slowing the rate of further functional impairment.

Regular physical activity, including a mix of cardiovascular exercise, balance, and mobility, is one of the most effective ways to support healthy brain function and build cognitive reserve.

Are you or a loved one dealing with the effects of dementia? Alternatively, are you looking for ways to keep healthy and active to avoid dementia? Schedule a free consultation with Mobility & Motion LLC now to learn how our Medicare approved physical therapy may help you live a healthier, happier life.

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